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Environmental Protection Discussion Post

I work as an account manager for Bosch. Environmental safety and sustainability is one of the company’s most important values. Currently, the company contributes a lot of its resources to achieve energy efficiency and recycling objectives. The company’s product development process is designed in an environmentally friendly way and allows to conserve resources. Being part of the Bosch culture for a long time, I have also developed environmentally friendly views.

In my opinion, my role as an individual in the world is related to promoting environmentally friendly practices, making the world a cleaner place I do it through different means. Firstly, I am engaged in selling products which are in line with environmental protection standards. Secondly, as a consumer, I purchase only those products which can be recycled. I think that recycling is an ongoing concern for many countries. There are numerous places in the world where people do not have such a practice. I would like to become a consultant advising governments of different countries to establish recycling practices. By doing this, I will contribute to making the world a more ecological place. In a long run, this will have a significant contribution. There will be less garbage thrown away or buried in the landfill. People will have better living conditions. There will be less pollution and people’s health will also improve.I would like to live my life in harmony with everything that surrounds me, namely people and nature.

I would like to be engaged in environmental protection projects because they are truly significant for the entire planet. In addition, I would like to encourage other people to think about the environment in their daily life. The legacy of I want to leave is a number of successfully completed environmentally friendly projects. Broadly speaking, I would like to create more clean spots on earth, where healthy people …

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