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Escape from Furnace

1) If I could change places with one character of Alexander Gordon Smith’s Escape from Furnace, it would be Zee Hatcher. I like this protagonist for the ambiguity of his life story and character, which involves an interesting personal evolution.

Throughout his life, Zee Hatcher has been involved in taking choices, and I believe it is the main factor shaping his character. The young man finds himself imprisoned in Furnace Penitentiary for driving into an older lady. Moreover, he used to steal cars prior to finding himself in the prison. The life in the prison implies a remorse for the past behavior and a firm determination to change the life. Zee would evidently become a respectable member of society, if he was locked in some other prison. However, being in Furnace Penitentiary involves taking a very different choice, and this is to survive despite everything.

Unlike other inmates, Zee Hatcher has a specific feature that makes his position even more ambiguous. On the one hand, the young man is immune to the nectar; and it means that he is no use to the warden, as they cannot turn him into the blacksuit. On the other hand, his immunity could be the key to the cure, so the army is very interested in him. While having this immunity, Zee Hatcher faces the need to make important moral choices. He can use this immunity to secure his own life. At the same time, it can be used to benefit all the inmates. Addressing this moral dilemma implies a sharp mind, determination, and courage, which makes the character of Zee Hatcher particularly interesting.

2) I believe that Carl Donovan is most like me, and there are several traits in his character that make me think this way. I suggest that one of the most important features of Carl’s character is his aspiration to help other people. In some way, Carl can be called a humanist, although his perception of this philosophy is rather perverse. The boy’s inclination to help other people first became evident at the age of 11. He could not bear his mother’s beatings, so he murdered her lover with a candlestick.

Although Carl is aware that helping other people could cost him the freedom and well-being, he does not abandon his philosophy even in Furnace Penitentiary, a terrible place where everyone is concerned about their survival. In Furnace Penitentiary, Carl takes an active part in planning Alex’s escape. Carl is like a guardian angel for Alex, though he is rather modest to admit it. Carl does not escape with Alex, and is turned into a blacksuit, and this event can tell a lot about his character. Although the young man has a feasible philosophy and sufficient capacity to become a leader, he has his reasons to stay in the background. Evidently, Carl would become a great team player, if he was not turned into the blacksuit. However, even though Alex kills Carl, he has imaginary talks with him.

These talks suggest …

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