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Essay on Edmund Burke

Born in Dublin in 1729, Edmund Burke would grow up as an Anglican. Later on, Burke would enroll at Trinity College at the age of fifteen. Consequently, Burke would draw inspiration from writers such as Shakespeare, Milton, and Spenser. During the 1750 spring, Burke would move to study law in London. However, Burke would end up specializing in letters, thereby publishing some books. For instance, one of his famous books would become a Philosophical inquiry into the origins of the sublime and the beautiful. According to Burke, the source of rights includes; political and philosophical awareness where citizens understand their politics and their role in the political development of their nation. Moreover, the purposeful living in line with God's will to humanity dictates actions is a source of right for individuals. Besides, the establishment of law and social awareness in the society serves as a source of rights for any citizenry.

Therefore, custom, tradition, and faith form the roots of the real rights of all people.Notably, Burke Edmund recognizes the activities and scenarios that make individuals gain recognition of their rights. For instance, religion is the epicenter of civility that enables people to their rights. Thus, it is through religion that people get to understand their duty of standing for their rights and the rights of others. Moreover, history helps individuals to recognize their rights as they learn about the radical struggles to realize political and social order.According to Burke (1981), forcing natural rights on the society is an idea that leaders of the French Revolution try to propagate. Consequently, such acts of forcing natural rights lead to anarchy. However, if the authorities document the natural rights through covenants and charters, then such rights become secured against this manipulation of powers and thereby remain in their good condition.Laissez-faire capitalism is the concept where an economy operates without government interference (Smith, Cannan & Lerner, 1937).

Therefore, a government that operates in Laissez-faire allows people to live their lives, making their economic decisions without government interference. Therefore, economic freedom allows people to have a better economic situation. Thus, the government should strive to make everyone equal in advancing their economic interest. Moreover, the concept of the invisible hand is noticeable when an individual working to advance their self-interest leads to the benefit of all without their conscience.The concept of the invisible hand is the basic ideas of Laissez-faire capitalism. Thus, the economy operates without any person in control of it. For instance, there is no person who tells companies what to –produce. However, companies produce what they think will give them profits.

Consequently, customers would determine what product to stay in the market by buying or not buying. Therefore, the influence of the customers in the production is the invisible hand and leads companies into producing goods that enhance public welfare without the government's influence. The companies, in this case, act in their self-interest to get more profits but go an extra mile …

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