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Essay on Smoking

Smoking is a very old human habit; people of different countries and regions of the world practice it. The smoke is breathed in, absorbed into the lungs and bloodstream and, in this way, affects the human body. Different substances can be used for smoking; the most popular of them is tobacco. This kind of smoking is also known as tobacco addiction. Other substances can be opium and cannabis, or more exotic ones. Tobacco has a strong hold on mankind although a lot of information is available on its very bad effects on human health (Is Nicotine Addictive?). In developing countries, where smoking is more popular, poor people often prefer tobacco to food. It means that the stimulation of the nervous system with tobacco is more important to them than even food.

Smoking affects so many people in the world that it is called now “the tobacco epidemic” (World Health Organization). Studies show that many people do not understand properly the great risks that tobacco poses to their health. Therefore, anti-smoking campaigns and activities are very important. Smoking is bad for human health; it is a serious addiction; young smokers’ parents, school, communities and the government should address and prevent it. Smoking ruins human health and causes a lot of serious and fatal diseases and conditions. The world statistics shows that “tobacco kills up to half of its users”, or “around 6 million people each year” (World Health Organization). Most of these deaths (5 million) are of people who use tobacco directly. However, more than 600,000 are the deaths of non-smokers who were exposed to second-hand smoke (World Health Organization). This fact shows the danger of smoking not only to people who practice it but also to those who may be against it but have to act as second-hand smokers.

The substances in tobacco smoke that causes addiction is nicotine. However, this smoke contains, in addiction to nicotine, about 7,000 other chemicals (Smoking – effects on your body). At least 250 of them are harmful to human health and more than 50 cause cancer (World Health Organization). This explains why smoking affects almost all the organs and systems in the human body and why it greatly damages human health. Scientists found out that smoking causes more diseases and fatal outcomes than any other drug taken by people. For example, “in Australia, smoking kills around 15,000 people every year” (Smoking – effects on your body). The components of the tobacco smoke that ruin the smoker’s health include tar, carbon monoxide, oxidizing chemicals, metals and radioactive ingredients that cause cancer (Smoking – effects on your body). These different components target the respiratory, blood circulation and immune systems; they are also bad for the musculoskeletal system and sexual function.

Tar has carcinogen substances, carbon monoxide takes the place of oxygen in human blood, metals and radioactive ingredients are also carcinogenic. Lungs cannot operate well; the airways get narrower and poisonous substances accumulate inside these organs. A typical feature of smokers is wheezing and …

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