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Essentials of Baccalaureate

Education For Professional Nursing Practice

The Baccalaureate Education has significantly changed my professional view and perception of the nursing profession. Through the course, I have come to understand that nursing practice primarily encompasses both direct and indirect care for patients, which may include individuals, groups, families, communities, and in some cases, populations. The education has led to an understanding that the nursing practice is built on nursing theory, knowledge, and research. The various essentials of the Baccalaureate Education have changed my personal nursing practice in various ways.

1. Liberal Education:

Under this essential, I have come to appreciate that learning takes place in far more ways. I have come to understand that the various courses such as writing, psychology, theology, and English that we learn alongside nursing have a substantial importance in our integration of the learning practices (DeBrew, 2010). In practice, liberal education has fostered my development in different angles.

The various concepts and knowledge that I have acquired through learning various courses have prepared me for citizenship, provided me with a broad knowledge base, as well as developed my judgment and critical thinking skills. In this light, I have been able to analyze various healthcare scenarios from different perspectives in consideration to the background, culture, and practices of the individual or groups of individuals involved.

Through liberal knowledge, I have learned the diversity of the patients we serve as professional nurses. Different individuals that we meet with on a daily basis in the field of healthcare have varied cultural practices and beliefs that they will hold on at any cost. For instance, I learned that the adherents of the Buddhist culture are strict vegetarians and would not tolerate any medicine made from meat products. In such circumstances, it is always important to consult with the patients or families of the patients before administering some types of medication that would compromise their cultural beliefs (DeBrew, 2010). In addition to acquiring a broad knowledge base through liberal education, I have mastered the practice of making informed and responsible ethical choices that help in shaping the future of the society as well as the nursing profession. Some of the ethical practices that have become part of my knowledge through liberal education are; making the client the primary concern while providing nursing care, providing care in a manner that protects and preserves client dignity, demonstrating integrity and honesty, clearly and accurately representing self with respect to name, title and role. As a result of this understanding, my practice as professional nurse has taken different perspectives with regards to how I treat patients. Furthermore, through the courses taught form multidisciplinary perspectives, I have come to understand how to integrate the new knowledge from multiple disciplines with my professional nursing practices and with life in the contemporary society (DeBrew, 2010).

2. Basic Organizational Leadership:

As stipulated in the Essentials of Baccalaureate …

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