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EthicsName of StudentInstitution affiliationAbstractIn a competitive environment, the key to successful business is a team of professionals. Create a team that works harmoniously - the main task for any prosperous company. Train staff to work as a single whole - means to avoid many of the problems encountered on the basis of various conflicts within the group. The team is able to solve the problem effectively, efficiently and quickly, so any company will eventually have to find out what team collaboration activity should be as a form of team interaction skills. Keywords: collaboration; ethics; credibility.Ethics There are several reasons why companies practice collaborative activities. A small cross section of these reasons contain: cultivating communication skills, enhancing ethics, inspiration, to help get to know each other better, learning effective strategies, improving productivity, learning about one’s strong points and faults. Essence of Collaboration ActivityReferring to B.Gray (1989) a collaboration is a process through which people who see different aspects of a problem can usefully explore their alterations and search for solutions that go past their own partial vision of what is possible. In team collaboration, the members of the group are known, there are clear task interdependencies, expected mutuality, and obvious time-lines and goals. To accomplish the goal, members must achieve their interdependent tasks within the specified time. Team collaboration activities often proposes that, while there is explicit leadership, the members collaborate on an identical basis and will receive equal recognition. An example of collaborative event is called “Zoom”. This problem-solving event needs the silent, picture book entitled, “Zoom” by Istvan Banyai. This book features 30 chronological pictures that work together to form a story. The book should be easy to find, as it’s been available in over 18 countries. Each participant take one picture, making sure a continuous order is being used. Then participants only look at their own pictures and must keep their picture unseen from other members. Time should be given for the participants to study their pictures because each picture will contain important information that will help the participants solve the problem of putting them into order. The ultimate goal is for the group to place the pictures in sequential order without looking at one another’s pictures. Participants talk to each other and discuss what is featured in their picture. This activity brings colleagues organized and gets them collaborating with the common goal of solving a problem, but it also permits for leaders to emerge and take control of the task.Ethical Obligation. According to D.Westen (2007), collaboration involves your completely organisational system. Company may or may not perceive the value of ethical obligations in their communications to the public, or understand how it works. Therefore, company should share the stories of accomplishment and scholarship from failures with the wider community, unless the company had taken measures to establish a collaborative culture. In addition, the company’s ethical obligation, might contribute to credibility, manifested, for example, in a willingness to share information and workloads.As most business owners and managers know, great teamwork is …
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