Ethics, Employee Relations, and Fair Treatment at Work. essay sample

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Fair Disciplining of Employees

Disciplining in a workplace is an uncomfortable moment both to the administrator and the recipient of the discipline. However, it is very necessary in any setting where there are set rules and order of doing business, as it is the only way to uphold the rules and ensure they are adhered to by the employees. In this paper, fairness in the process of disciplining is discussed at length. Serving in a management position and aims at embracing fairness in the discipline process, I will employ a systematic approach that will leave both parties; the employee disciplined and me satisfied. The four stages involved will be, verbal warning, written warning, a second written warning, and then termination. Each of the stages will be structured well to make the employee better, and giving him or her chance to improve by providing guidance on what is supposed to be done in place of the mistake committed.

Verbal Warning

After the notice of the mistake, I will initiate the first stage of offering a verbal warning to the perpetrator. The verbal warning will be quite detailed, starting with conducting of my investigation and critically assessing the evidence against the employee. The evidence is to be assessed regarding the accusation, how complex the situation was before the employee was accused; whether he or she is the only one involved directly or the employee is paying for someone else’s mistake. After finding out that the employee accused is solely to blame, further analysis is supposed to be done to ascertain that the accused employee’s situation was under his or her control.After concluding my investigation, I will set a meeting with the employee in question; ensuring it is privately arranged so as to uphold the employee’s rights of privacy. In the meeting, I will bring out the misconduct directly and in a firm way that will show the employee that the meeting is not based on mere hearsay but it has been investigated thoroughly, and material evidence is there to prove the misconduct.

Despite being firm in the approach, I will give the employee a chance to answer as this will help get more insight on the matter than what was gotten from the investigation. In the meeting, I will initiate a conversation with the employee, keenly listening to the employee’s side of the matter as I conclude the investigation. The meeting is supposed first to introduce the problem to the employee and give him or her chance to explain before mentioning any punishment. In so doing, the employee will feel like part of the solution process and not just a recipient of punishment (Delpo & Guerin, 2015). Using the proceedings of the meeting, I will get the exact position of the matter. In case it turns out the employee is to blame; I will clearly explain the company policies regarding the conduct and relate it to the employee’s action, as this will make him or her see the area where the fault has been …

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