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Ethics of Globalization

The globalization as one of the most prominent trends of current international relations has been impacting the various spheres of human lives. In the conditions of the boundaries between states getting weaker, and cultural mix taking place in various states, it is inevitably that the ethical frameworks regulating the social sector directly, and other instances connected with the life of humanity, are changing and modifying according to the demands of time. In order to understand how globalization is influencing ethical paradigms, it is necessary to consider it in the context of applied aspects, which have relation to broad range of people.

The globalization assumes intensification of the worldwide social interactions in terms of stretching social, political and economic activities across the borders, acceleration of the processes of evolution due to higher accessibility of knowledge, capital and technologies, and deepening influence of interstate actors (Held & McGrew, 2007). All the described features are connected with ethics and moral, which are themselves being developed and altered under the influence of global trends. In fact, the ethical paradigms in majority of human life domains have been impacted by globalization to a certain extent, either positively or negatively, or even ambiguously. The understanding of how these changes are presented, what is the way to maximize positive outcomes and minimize negative effects, has to be followed by thorough advice of all the areas of such changes.

Consequently, the aim of the present paper is to assess the impact of globalization towards ethical frameworks in several important and interconnected aspects of human life: in international policy, security, business and economy, technological development, and communication process. Upon being considered in a closer perspective, all these aspects are demonstrating connection and interdependence, which contributes to understanding of globalization as a comprehensive phenomenon.Before engaging in the research of ethics of globalization, it is vital to clarify the concept of being ethical regarding the area in study. Speaking about the implementation of globalization, the ethical way of its development assumes reliance on the social cooperation, or social contract – adherence to the principles of particular society in order to be legitimate under this society's framework. Such approach assumes free will, in case it does not violate the will and freedom of others, equality and mutual respect.In this case, ethical norms are serving as a prevention from war of everyone against everyone and motivator to cooperate effectively in the areas of mutual interest.

The tow global social contracts which have been actualized by globalization are international social contract, and global economy social contract, which rely on the governments maintaining democracy and respect for cooperative agreements, non-intervention in each other’s affairs by societies, duty of societies to assist people living under unfavorable conditions (Schultz, 2010).The increasing interconnection between states raises new challenges towards the nation states regarding their obligations to people. Since the globalization generates new dangers and significant inequalities among people, both the state sovereignty and the ethical principles of international conduct are worth …

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