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A project evaluation is the process of the analysis of its results and effect on the participants’ performance. It allows making interventions in the project implementation, estimating the outcomes, check if it was cost efficient, and the funding was allocated appropriately (Yu p.1). A project evaluation is impossible without good planning as it determines the main objectives of the evaluation, the methods and techniques, major participators, and ethical issues of the evaluation. In our work we will create an evaluation plan for an outcome evaluation of a training project aimed at enhancing the cultural competence of workers. The training will be for 100 staff across different sites. What is more, the training project is still being conceptualized while the evaluation plan is developed.

2. Evaluation of Purpose, Project Logic and Indicators

The plan is developed for an outcome evaluation which purpose is to evaluate the customers’ satisfaction with frontline workers’ communication within a month after the project completing and the influence of the project on the result of the company’s performance within the quarter and the year.

The scope of the evaluation:

The evaluation program will include the evaluation of the workers’ cultural competence immediately after the course, the clients’ satisfaction with the company’s service, workers’ communication, and the company’s performance after the project. The feedback will be taken from the participators and the cultural competence of the frontline workers will be tested after the trainings. In a month after the course completing, the success of the employees’ progress in their communication with customers’ performance will be evaluated. In three months the company’s performance will be analyzed and compared with the results achieved before the project. It will give us an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

The main questions researched by the evaluation are:

Will the employees be more aware of the cultural diversity in the workplace?

Will the project improve the communication with clients?

Will be customers more satisfied with the company’s service after the project implementation?

Will the financial results increase in a quarter after the course implementation?

The logic of the training project in terms of activities and outcomes

The training project logic model includes four components: inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes (Savaya, Waysman, 2005). All these components are connected with each other and go one of another. In terms of activities and outcomes, it is necessary to say that the used activities have influence on the project outcomes. Thus, the training lectures, seminars, and discussions about the cultural differences will allow applying the theoretical knowledge in work with clients. Besides, the project activities will change the participator’s perceptions and attitudes toward other nations and races and overcome their stereotypes. The practice of communication techniques in role-plays will help participators improve their performance and behavior at the workplace. The key indicators to be used in the evaluation

Clients’ satisfaction: average post project evaluation score, number of orders a day, the positive feedback from the clients, the increase/decrease number of clients for a month.

Financial: the company’s quarterly financial report.Staff: …

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