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Executive Summary on Coca-Cola Company

The actuality of the topic is considered according to the fact that Coca-Cola Company is the most famous American company for the production of syrups and soft drinks, which shows an example of how the work should be done. However, it is important to analyze whether it is a real world leader through numerous analysis and matrixes. Of course, Coca-Cola is the most popular product. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The company exists for more than a hundred and twenty years, and over the years it has passed both the ups and downs, but it was worth it, because now it is impossible to find such a person in the world who would not know the symbolism of Coca-Cola. The current paper discusses the strategic management case about Coca-Cola Company. This paper takes an in-depth analysis of various matrices for Coca-Cola Company.

It begins by looking at the background information for the corporation, analysis of its mission and vision statement. Financial ratios have also been analyzed. The Financial Ratio of the Coca-Cola Company shows that, in general, it is effectively working. However, it needs to use Inventory for paying Current Liabilities and, on the basis of the Days Sales in Inventory, there can be concluded that Coca-Cola Company would have be losing money storing these inventories instead of re-investing the assets (Marchant et. al., 2009).

The paper presents SWOT analysis. SWOT term was coined in 1963. The first model was invented SWOT and published in 1966 by four professors from Harvard University - Laranedom, Christenson, Andrews and Guth. Final modification of the analysis was fixed in 1973. The method of analysis is quite simple, so it can be put into practice as the various organizations, businesses, companies and people, countries, and activities to build strategies in various areas. Table 1 shows SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company:
Table 1. SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company
Weakness 1.
Global well-known brand 2.
High marketing and advertising strategy 3.
Huge distribution network 4.
High product quality 5.

The status of the world’s leading, largest, expensive and recognizable companies in the world for the production of carbonated beverages (79 billion dollars) 6.
Many years of experience in sales, which the company acquired on the market (120 years) 7.
Highly qualified, talented employees with a creative approach to work, professional advertisers, distributors, freelancers, etc. 8.
Powerful competitive advertising department, which comes up with interesting slogans and creates a tremendous advertisement 9.
The availability of products, a variety of drinks with different flavors 10.
Affordable price 11.
Good financial capital of TNC, which allows to carry out an active policy to gain market share, to pay taxes, to cover losses and expenses of advertising and BTL-events, maintain a positive image of the company 12.
The adjusted manufacture: a large number …

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