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The Exhibition Proposal

Artistic approaches such as music, documentaries, movies and fashion exhibition are regarded by Reed (2011) as the most popular avenues of expressing the divide in the Gay debate. Specifically, Reed (2011) point’s performances through scripted movies are the ideal points of illustrating the challenges and how the world perceives the debate about homosexuality. Reed (2011) presents the idea that, perhaps art through paintings and sculptures as one of the oldest avenue of representing the divide in the homosexuality debate.

For example, Reed (2011) notes that as far as 2400 B.C. Paintings regarding homosexuality had already been done in a tomb belonging to two male Egyptians, Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep, believed to have been lovers. The connection between artwork and homosexuality is based on the concept that the larger part of the world view the homosexuality as abnormal. In return, the homosexuals find the artistic avenue as the best avenue to express their solidarity and support for other people to come out and stop hiding from being branded as abnormal. The artistic avenue of High Museum, through the exhibition, will act as a platform for encouraging those interested or already are gay, to stop hiding from the public.

Williams (2010) notes the rainbow flag and the pink triangle as some of the most common artistic symbols that represent homosexuals. For the larger part of the world, with basis on religion, most of the individuals claim that the homosexuals are not normal, a factor which creates fear among the homosexuals or those wishing to become homosexuals. For the world, a normal relationship is that of a man and a woman, and the abnormal one is that of couples from the same sexuality. Under such a stereotype, the homosexuals have to use coded message, symbols and art as platforms of expressing themselves to the world. The normal people in the world are free to express their relationship status without fear. Indeed, there is no denial that artwork has been used to represent major debates and conflicts around the world.

This exhibition proposal aims at revealing how homosexuals use the art through paintings as an avenue to illustrate they are normal. Through artistic avenues, the homosexuals are in position and power not to hide or run from being stereotyped as abnormal. The target audience for the homosexual materials is thus directed to two main sides of those that understand them and the other side that does not understand them. The gay people have a tough time telling the world that they are gay, especially the people who are close to them. The message in various artistic works done for or by the homosexuals acts as a platform that links the people who understand the theme with those that lack comprehension of the content. For example, there are paintings meant for people who understand and appreciates the homosexuals despite them being normal. The message in the paintings is aimed at encouraging the non-homosexuals to …

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