Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of samples can I find at your database?
    Examples Assignment Lab stores wide variety of free essay examples for different purposes. You are welcome to find the following types of sample essays: essay examples for college applications, examples of report essay writing, argumentative essay topics for college, term paper samples, college research papers and even presentations.
  • How old is your database?
    Examples Assignment Lab is constantly updating its free online essay examples database. We make sure students get only fresh essay samples for their research.Most of our essays are 2-3 years old. 36% of the essays database has been updated last year.
  • Where do you take example essays?
    We have collected plenty of essay writing examples from students, who decided to support our idea of free online samples database creation and donated a piece of their academic work. We constantly keep getting new sample essay submissions from the students that are checked by our team of editors. We analyse grammar, topic and content match as well as plagiarism before essays go public.
  • How does the service work?
    Feel free to search via the online samples database and find the most suitable essay writing example for your academic needs. After this, you are able to download the sample by providing your email address, where we will send your selected essay example. You have only 2 free downloads. The amount is limited by the author’s request.
  • Is the service free?
    Yes, you are right! The service is absolutely free of charge. Examples Assignment Lab is the place to find the best college essay examples, gain ideas and share knowledge.
  • Can I submit the sample as my own work?
    Absolutely not! All the free essay samples have been submitted to Turnitin before and might show a high percentage of plagiarism in case of the second submission. Please, mind that minor changes in the essay as well as presentation of the author’s point of view as your own are also considered to be plagiarism and will lead to adverse consequences.


Samples available at the Examples Assignment Lab are for inspiration and learning purposes only. Do not submit any sample as your own piece of work. Every essay belongs to students, who hold the copyright for the content of those essays. Please, mind that the samples were submitted to the Turnitin and may show plagiarism in case of the secondary submission. Examples Assignment Lab does not bear any responsibility for the unauthorized submission of the samples.