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Male fashion in early 19th century had undergone an extensive transformation. The men slowly embraced long trousers instead of knee breeches. As a matter of fact, the fashion of trousers became more famous in the first quarter of the 19th century (Victoria and Albert Museum, 2015). Beau Brummel also known ‘dandies’ influenced the fashion industry in the 19th century through his clothing and grooming. He introduced the male fashion world through the idea of regular bathing and shunning knee breeches for long pantaloons. He also introduced dark, monochrome shade suits (Sherrow, 2001). The current trend in today’s fashion recalls the philosophy of Beau Brummel’s spirit and style in men suit designs that adopt the dark monochrome shades (Sherrow, 2001).

Role the fashion plate held for a middle-class woman in the early 19th century? Is this the same function that fashion magazines play today?

The role of the fashion plate in the 19th century for a middle-class woman was to inform them of the present fashion as well as providing information of the most important issues that were seen as important for the middle-class woman. Such issues covered in the fashion plate include beauty products, homemaking and sewing advice along with the events happening in the society (Davis, 2006). This fashion plate plays the same role as the fashion magazines today because they give information about trends, fashion shows, parties, people, beauty, lifestyle and arts (Vogue, 2015).

Reasoning if the popular textiles of the time had a large effect on the prevailing silhouettes of these decades?

Indeed, the popular textiles of the 19th century influenced the silhouettes of the time. The silhouettes were generated in various ways, styles and were used for different functions. The silhouettes are created to show the etiquette ad propriety of the age-appropriate dressing of a wide population (Taylor, Pollen & Nicklas, 2013).

What non-Western influences were embraced in Western fashion during the first half of the 19th century, and how did these influences affect the styles?

The western fashion industry in the first half of the 19th century was affected by the non-western mainly through the mode of dressing. For example, the Romantic Movement in the 19th century foresaw the adoption of the folk costume of the loyalty in various countries. This reinforced the interest of local dress that influenced the fashionable elements and clothing in Western Europe (Tortora & Eubank, 2010). Another effect of the non-western was displayed in the designs that were created at the time, which were influenced by Eastern cultures such as Islamic world, China, India and Japan (Victoria & Albert Museum, 2015).

Innovations in fashion technology during this period

During the 19th century, the fashion industry was influenced by the innovation in arts and crafts. In addition, the technology development upgraded dressmaking in areas of small and large scale production. The invention of a sewing the machine made it possible for the production of clothes that were previously worn by the rich at a cheaper price …

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