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Donuts and the folklore of mass culture in Canada

Author: Steve Penfold

Genre: Book

Book pages that you read: 48-66

Response to the reading
The reader knows little that Horton's death is coming. However, his death does not mark his end in the reading but rather Penfold goes ahead to narrate the legacy left behind by Horton. The partnership between Tim and Horton in establishing donut businesses shows apparently the patriotic symbolism of everyday life in Canada.I have learned that the Canadian "idea of America" does exist as it manifests itself in the mythological figure of ignorant Americans. There is a big difference between Canada and the United States, and one notable difference is the donut shops (Penfold, 2008).

The author, Penfold, tries to create a relationship between hockey and donuts. He claims that hockey being a winter sport symbolizes another Canadian theme related to donuts. It becomes difficult to link explicitly the two as the only evidence to support this is Canada is the nation that eats most donuts.

Title: From meat and potatoes to “real-deal” rotis: Exploring everyday culinary cosmopolitanism

Author: Sarah Cappeliez, Josée Johnston

Genre: Academic Journal

Pages that you read: 435-453

Response to the reading
The text creates emphasis on the day to day experiences in describing cosmopolitanism. The description is clear as it features two global cities that have regular flows of people, ideas, culture, and commodities. Thus, the concept of cosmopolitanism is best illustrated in this reading. Further, examining cosmopolitanism to food consumption makes it easy to understand.I have learned that despite individuals living in urban environments, they link certain foods, cuisines, and restaurants to certain geographical regions. Thus, cosmopolitanism is a type of cultural repertoire that covers the different means of engaging with the eating patterns of cosmopolitans (Cappeliez & Johnston, 2013).Engagement with the cultural consumption of most cosmopolitans in Vancouver and Toronto is highly subjective as the cultural consumption is very diverse. It, therefore, becomes difficult to avoid limiting this study to a particular class. The realistic model shows this as it covers individuals with a certain degree of cultural and economic capital.


Cappeliez, S., & Johnston, J. (2013). From meat and potatoes to “real-deal” rotis: Exploring everyday culinary cosmopolitanism. Poetics, 41(5), 433-455.

Penfold, S. (2008). The donut: A Canadian history. Toronto: University of Toronto …

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