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Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt

The situation connected to the female genital mutilation in Egypt is terrifying. Summer days, which are associated with holidays, joy and leisure time in all the developed countries, are faced with horror and despair by Egyptian girls. About 60 percent of Egyptian female children become subjects of inhumane operation – genital mutilation. These kids become victims of human rights violation. Moreover, this horrible activity was forbidden in 2008 making all the operations illegal and criminalized.Female genital mutilation is the common operation for the vastness of Egypt. It is spread in Egypt more than anywhere else in the world. More than 90% of women aged from 15 to 45 have had this procedure (Thompson, 2015). The figure reaches 125 million girls and women.

However, everything has changed for the Egyptian women in recent decades. Anti-FGM campaigners occurred, leading their country towards the recovery of human and women rights.The whole operation takes place between the ages nine and twelve. While the kids from Europe, the US and other developed countries have time to relax and play with friends in summer, Egyptian girls have to recover from this repulsive procedure. Parents of the girl close her in their house waiting for a doctor or a local midwife to perform the mutilation. Occasionally, their families celebrate this activity with traditional parties and gifts exchanges, believing that their girl is now pure. They believe that this is a part of Egyptian culture and cannot be avoided. However, this operation is not a part of religion and has no medical background. Its results are devastating for every girl, leaving her with psychological trauma and physical pain. It is a horrible occurrence, to wake up and understand that the part of her body is cut off. Sometimes the operations is performed by local midwives, who know nothing about medicine and treatment processes.

They throw dust on the wound to stop the bleeding. This can lead to fatal results. Blood contamination or blood loss are common outcomes of these reckless actions.None of us can perform correct and meaningful judgment at the age of ten, so our parents take this responsibility and perform this action. However, if we are talking about the physical complexity and psychological health, parents cannot perform these choices. They are forbidden to force their daughters to perform this procedure. It is a direct violation of human rights. That is why the government banned female genitals mutilation in 2008 and is leading anti-FGM campaigns all over Egypt nowadays.

During the last 6 years, the number of victims of this violation has declines by almost 13%. Many doctors all over Egypt are charged with anti-human allegations, but the majority of them are still willing to earn money and execute mutilation, as it is a good source of income for them. Despite the offensive actions of anti-FGM organizations and campaigns, the majority of Egyptians still falsely believe that cutting is required by religion. Preachers, doctors, judges, prosecutors, and teachers are among them. Their words sound …

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