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Feminism & Education

1. The main difference between “receiving” an education and “claiming” one lies in the relation to education, level of responsibility, which the students confer on themselves. “Receiving” education means to accept it as it is, because you act as the recipient and take over the impact of education while “claiming” education means to take actions concerning your education, to be fully involved as the owner of the education.

Rich arguments that the women must “claim” their education applies to all students because the history and experience of education belong to men, and it is time to change the role of women in education. If women “claim” their education, the perception of women in universities will change, and the rejection of stereotypes against women will decrease the level of sexism in science. While “claiming”, students also bear the responsibility which means that students must take their education seriously instead of “bluffing”, and realize that the subsequent quality of their future life depends on the quality of education, but not rely on easy solutions such as marriage (Rich, 1977).

I can confidently say that the principle of "claiming” the education meets my educational experience because I take my education as a contribution for the future. Moreover, I notice how the role of women in science is growing nowadays, what is proved not only by the increase of women courses but also the number of women in that faculties and professions that were previously considered to be completely masculine.

2. Hogeland argues that women are afraid of feminism because they are afraid to take responsibility for consequences that it can have, considering also the fact that the world formed a negative attitude to the feminist movement. By “gender consciousness” she means the basic awareness of being a woman, including awareness of women's vulnerability and celebration of women's difference. “Feminist consciousness” means the politicized reflection of gender consciousness because include the analysis of the gender consciousness usage for the woman, and reflect how female differences help or hinder self-determination of women (Hogeland, 1994).

This distinction is important because it leads to the understanding that the fear of feminism is not the fear of gender rather a fear of living in consequences which represent the fear of politics. Living in consequences means that woman are afraid of taking the public stand and anger that can arise, and as result, woman are afraid to lose their privilege.

3. In the article, this movement is aimed to end sexism oppression because his goal is not equality of men and women, but rather a transformation of the role of women in society so that it was not the subject of sexism. This means the analyzes of experiences and social predicaments of women so that women can properly understand their differences and features in order to improve the lives of women, regardless of race, age or social status. The author affirms that the movements are focused on the individual women’s right to freedom …

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