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Field Experience Directions

These observations were made at the American Academy, a premier private school located in Texas state specifically Houston metropolitan area. The total population of Houston metropolitan is slightly over six million with 52.2% and 49.8% males and females respectively. The school going age contributes to 22.3%. The working population contributes to about three million of the total population.

The average annual income for the working class in Houston metropolitan approximates at 29,212 dollars. (, 2015). The American Academy has a population of fifty students and offers grades seven to twelve. The low population in the school is due to a large number of schools within the area. Schools offering the same curriculum include Kingdom Kids, Christian Tabernacle Schools, and Holy Trinity Day School. The school has a sponsorship program for bright and needy students. These students get subsidized programs such as free lunch while those who are partially sponsored pay a small fee for lunch. The school population consists of different races such as Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians), African Americans, Africans and Latin Americans.

Each classroom has averagely ten students, and the teacher to students’ ratio is one teacher for every ten students. However, there is large gender parity dictated by the races of the students learning in the school. For example, grade seven has four girls and six boys, grade eight (five boys and five girls), grade nine (seven girls and three boys), grade ten (three boys and three girls), grade eleven (six boys and four girls) and grade twelve (eight girls and five boys). However, the racial disparity is evidence in most classes. Fifty percent of the students are Americans (10% African American and 40% Native Americans); ten percent are Asians (2% Indians, 4% Chinese, 3% Japanese, 0.5% Vietnamese and 0.5% other Asian nationalities). Thirty percent of the students are Latin American, and the remaining ten percent are African nationalities.

The school has a total of ten teachers, five of whom are male and the rest are females. Out of the total number of teachers, five are Native Americans of who three are whites and two are African Americans, two Indians, One Chinese and two Latin Americans. Therefore, the student’s interests are catered for due to a balanced staffing. The main language of instruction is American English. However, there are special classes for Chinese, Hindu, Japanese and Vietnamese languages for students who would want to study the languages at a fee. Many students are proficient in American English due to their long stay in America with an exception of a few students who recently migrated to America. At the American Academy, English has the highest score, followed by social sciences. Nevertheless, physical sciences and mathematics have the least scores. Most of the students are inattentive in class as some of them have cellphones that they hardly put off during class time. It can be concluded that this behavior has contributed to their least scores …

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