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Student’s NameProfessor’s NameSubjectDD Month YYYYRACIAL ISSUES OF DECREASING LABOR AMOUNT Despite the fact that today`s world is regulated by multiple legal acts and international agreements, as well as most of the counties are professing equality and tolerance – the aspect of race still remains relevant. Unfortunately, the cultural, physical and mental diversity of the people around the globe causes the poor examples of racial hatred and inequality. Of course, the issue of race became less urgent comparing to the previous century. But now days, this problem seems to develop again. Despite all of the mental and legal features of the modern world, the society still remains highly racially stratified. The people of “different skin color” still have to face the serious psychological and even physical tension between them and the rest. If the start and the middle of the twentieth century were really hard for the African-Americans, then a present day brings some negative occasion to the Latin America representatives and Arabs, especially in the United States. USA is currently facing the problem of massive illegal migration and the threat of the ISIS. As a result, the Muslims and the Latin American people are experiencing a huge struggle linked with their residence in the United States. The things are getting even worse on the background of the increasing level of unemployment and general tendencies of labor automation, which will replace the human working power with the robots and computers. (Thompson, “A World Without Work”) It is practically proved that the unemployed people are surviving through the depression and cultural decline. There is a famous expression in USA - “they took our jobs”. Considering the amount of immigrants, that expression will become relevant among the white Native Americans, mainly of the conservative nature. The considerable racial stratification that already exists will become even deeper, because the people of the ethnic minorities will continue to look for the jobs and set the high concurrence between them and the rest. Obviously, such situation will not be tolerated among the Native Americans and that will lead to the growth of the racial hatred and will expand the mental borders between different ethnic groups. However, the main positions that ethnic minorities are pretending on, vary from the clerk to the technical staff at the airports or restaurants. According to Derek Thompson, those are the professions that will be replaced by the machines in the next ten or twenty five years. (“A World Without Work”) That will cause the massive unemployment. As a result, there will be the entire class of people, who will not know what to do with their lives as they do not have any proper education or the ability to gain it. And even the university degree will not guarantee the well-paid job and descent income. The researches show, that every year the number of the unemployed graduates is growing by the 0.5 percent. It means that in a few decades most of the people will be left without any opportunity to get the work after the …
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