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Name of studentName of instructorName of institutionsCourseDate dueCriminology Political Crime Explained Political Corruption Bribes Fraud White Collar CrimePolitical is rampant in the American Society. Even though there may be some political figures that labor so hard to underpin public interests, however, most Americans are of the view that political personalities are fraudulent and corrupt. Whereas political crimes unfold in various forms and shapes, they are perpetuated by officials who employ their offices for individual profit as opposed to public benefit. This does not entail a betrayal of a person’s professional obligations; it also undermines the institution that should serve public interests. This paper sets out to evaluate the white collar crime perpetuated by high-ranking officials. To be categorical, the paper will look at payroll and campaign fraud and different levels of government. Payroll fraud, for instance, is a crime that transpires at various branches of the US government, yet more often executed within the law-making branch. Congress officials are allocated with huge budgets to manage their affairs. Impeccable sources indicate that scores of legislators throughout history have faced prosecution as a result of squeezing money from the publics and kickbacks from their subordinates. One variant of payroll fraud also includes an elected official’s hiring of individual household staff associates and having them inserted into the approved records, suggesting that they were on the payroll. The government, for example, offers Congress officials with maintenance budgets, this does not include household stuff, and yet the government has on many occasions paid for household stuff. Campaign fraud is another form of political crime. Policy making pundits have argued that the election process especially the campaign funds comprise the origin for the gravest and wicked types of political offenses. The circumstance under which campaign money is raised is highly questionable. The Watergate Scandal is a typical example that demonstrates how politics is the hatching ground for devious machinations. In this scandal, hoodlums were caught tapping phones and lifting away secret document about President Nixon reelection campaign. Moreover, hush money was employed to deter FBI from investigating. Ironically, the Supreme Court outlaws any form of restrictions on the amount of that a political party can get from well-wishers, following the safeguard assured by the Second Amendment’s free speech clause. Nonetheless, there are restrictions when it comes to the amount of money a person or corporation can donate to a politician. Worse-off, political crooks can circumvent these laws using soft money. Individuals and companies can give colossal amounts of money to political institutions, as such; political institutions can create unbelievable sums of money that they then reallocate as they desire. With all the money in the world at their disposal, politicians can fund their campaigns and all manner of support to winning an election. However, modern day campaign trails have made politicians more corrupt regarding procuring votes. As such, one does not expect any meaningful policy change from such a leader. Again, another political felony is perpetuated by political lobbyists, who entice …
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