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Student’s NameProfessor’s NameSubject17th April 2016(a) Critically assess the texts studied in this course, and explain which text(s) provided the most feasible and practical approaches to poverty reduction among Third World countries.From the text, "the developing countries with nearly a billion people living in them are caught in one or another of the four traps that ensnare them to poor living standards and poverty",( Collier 21). Most of these countries are found in Africa and Central, with other scattered in other parts of the world. "These "traps" make the third world countries to fall behind and apart as compared to other nations trying to overcome poverty regarding economic progress and living standards for its people," (Collier 101). The four "traps" dragging the most developing world to poverty include conflicted trap, bad governance in these countries, landlocked countries with bad neighbors and natural resource trap. Despite, the many problems facing these countries from diseases to development traps there is some glimpse of hope that there exist some feasible and practical approaches that they may escape from poverty condemnation. The author designates instruments of liberating the developing nations from the entrapments of poverty such as military intervention in war-torn zones, laws, and charters to improve governance and social justice, and lastly good trading policies would eliminate all trade barriers, extra costs incurred by the developing countries and thus reverse trade marginalization. These instruments present essential aspects of alleviating poverty in the third world countries whereby it touches on the vital areas of concern for most developing countries. A combination of these instruments would provide a go-ahead for economic development in most third world countries whereby a typical developing country is affected by at least one of the "traps" if not all. However, the effort of poverty reduction in the third world countries is solely dependent on support from the developed countries which run most of the trade and policies in the world. For example, the rich countries would foresee military intervention, private investment, promulgation of charters and law changes in the developing nations judicial and trade systems to reduce poverty in the third world nations. (b) Discuss why China and India have been able to enjoy such remarkable growth. Why has the example of China been so difficult to replicate in other regions of the Third World?In the text "Why Nation fall", the author tries to decipher the main reason behind economic growth and development for most countries in the world using the theory of global inequalities. This method considers a nation's economic prosperity as a factor of many other things such as geographical location, the influence of a government and its society and the essentiality of the education, economic and political institutions. From the Great Britain, which was the first country to experience sustained economic growth, much of the rest of the world have enjoyed economic prosperity through the industrial revolution and advancement in technology. Despite, many of the nations in Central Asia lagging behind in …
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