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Human sexuality is one of the most interesting and delicate section of modern psychology and biology. According to Bolin (2009) human sexuality covers a complex system of human behavior that leads us to sexual intercourse between human beings. This complex is not totally complete; it is developing and improving during the evolution processes in whole psychological, ethical and biological researches.

Also human sexuality closely touches anis integrated in biological, emotional, social and physical aspects of modern adult life.According to Lehmiller (2014) every sexual act between some persons is forced by special aspects: Psychological aspect, Cultural and Societal aspect, Biological and Evolutionary aspect.

Personally for me, the most unexpected aspect of human sexuality is cultural and societal aspect. Psychological and Biological-Evolutionary aspects seem to be more logical and are much easier to understand. In Psychological aspect we observe some romantic or strong passionate feeling and emotions between persons that leads to sexual intercourse. Than in Biological-Evolutionary aspects we can find some basic nature ways to realize human reproductive functions. This is one of the most important reasons to have sex in ethical and historical opinion at human sexuality.

So Cultural and Societal aspect of human sexuality seems to be the most unexpected and the most unusual for me. Nowadays, this aspect plays a great role in regulation of sexual behavior between humans. But the most unexpected thing for me, that these socio-cultural aspects of human sexuality are very variable and they are changing every year with the development of new cultural trends etc.

I think that causes and principles of human sexuality should be more stable and constant. I also suppose that sexual behavior is a private business of persons that are involved into sexual act. So their personal sexual behavior should be completely regulated by their own rules and principles. But according to Lehmiller (2014) in real life this sexual rules and principles are regulated by society, which decides what is normal or deviant in sexual behavior. Also humans adapt their behavior to established cultural rules and principles. I suppose that human sexuality is a versatile subject, which lies in different scientific fields, like psychology, biology, ethics and sociology.

Human sexuality is regulated by both biological and psychological processes in our body. They are the main movers that forces humans to have sex. Sexuality is a process totally generated and controlled by these fields. According to Lehmiller (2014) Psychoanalytic theory of human sexuality is the oldest perspective on sexuality field in general and was created by Sigmund Freud. I think that it is very important to learn all information available about the Psychology of human sexuality for individuals like high-school adolescents and both adults. It is very useful to know why your sexual behavior is driven in one or another way.

Sexual behavior deviations also leads to crimes and huge problems in modern society, we should know how to control your sexual behavior and how to observe somebody with different sexual deviation. This will help to protect our society. Human body is a …

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