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Forensic Cryptography is the transformation of a particular message into a meaningful message to a certain recipient after the coded message has been decrypted. They are represented as elements of finite algebraic structures (Daras &Rassias, 2015).

This essay will discuss the related programs that are utilized by computer consumers to protect their computers and files from hacking. The absence of these programs in a computer puts the user at a risk of hacking.

FKT imager

The FKT imager is a program that copies data at the byte level. It can make a disk to disk image copies of evidence drives. It also enables the users to acquire an evidence of the drives from a logical partition level. Users can also define the size of each disk to image file volume (Nelson et al., 2015).

dd program

The dd is also a forensic tool that allows the users to make a bit by bit copy of a media. It can be used by investigators to form an exact copy of a suspect’s media. The program copies data at the byte level up to 512-byte data blocks. However, it has no means of showing the time that image processing will take. The users have to use to use timers to know when (Wiles, & Reyes, 2011).

dcfldd program

Unlike the dd program, the dcfldd program shows when the program indicates how long the image processing will take. Hence, the users do not require to use timers to determine when the image processing will be complete. They can also open dcfldd images and examine them using Autopsy, or proprietary tools such as Encase, FTK, or X-Ways forensics. It is newer than the dd and has some additional features that are useful for the users.These programs are utilized by computer consumers to protect their computers and files. The tools enable the users to acquire an evidence of the drives and they can be used to define the size of computer disks and are useful for examination of programs to discover hackers. They also come in handy when the users want to process images and copy data.


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