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Foundations of Urban Revolutionary Road

Looking for real people or will they overcome the road? A big world around us has its own schedule, and trying to move with the flow of the fast river we sometimes do not understand our desires. People are trying to live according to the ordinance, but there comes a time when you ask yourself a question: what do you want, not the society? And then a kind of revolution of consciousness and destruction of old values happen in a person’s mind. The eternal question: how to do? often hinders our development. But sometimes the desire to change things can destroy not only your life.This article is a review of a film depicting the dilemma- either you live by the rules that life has given you, sacrificing yourself, or by your rules, sacrificing something.

Taking the novel by Richard Yates, Sam Mendez decided to imagine how it might have been living together for two similar characters - Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio), a simple guy, and April (Kate Winslet), a beautiful lady who is dreaming about the stage.“Revolutionary Road” is an cute family drama, which should be clear to all men and women who have lived for several years in a marriage and know from experience the problems of married life.The USA. 1950s. The Wheelers is the pride of the district on Revolutionary Road. They are a wonderful family with two children, a charming April and careful Frank. In contrast to the simple hard workers, who manage to save up some money to buy a house, thus completing the plan for the rest of his life, the Wheelers have dreams of something more. Thus the revolution is maturing not in the street of the same name, but in the house, boldly perched on a hill.

A painful and hysterical story is a beautiful drama about a big world in which two people live chance meeting at a party gives rise to a unit of society with the obligatory attributes of a happy family: a good job of a husband, nice children and a beautiful house. The day they met Frank told about Paris the city where people live wonderful life. April believed every word of Frank and, just as he wanted to live there. After the birth of their second child, Frank stopped dreaming. But April still believes that it is possible to drop everything and go to Paris. Forever.

A young couple, who consider themselves special, living for several years in a pictures house begins to realize that their life is boring and useless. Whatever they do, they stay inside the trap - hateful work for Frank, the children for April, Sunday meeting with dull friends. April senses the crisis much more acute. Frank, who looks strong but weak inside, is hesitant, but she insists so he agrees. That’s it - give up everything to the …

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