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FBA Case Study

Functional Behavioral Assessment is one of the best practices in the education process for reducing different types of behavior problems which occur in children or adult age. The FBA is used for students with cognitive disabilities, but the amount of research works is insufficient.

The purpose of this case study is to organize, analyze and interpret the behavioral assessment and preference assessment data according to the specific case. All facts and data were collected and analyzed on the subject`s problem behaviors of verbal and physical resistance which are shown in the Appendix 1.

To begin with, we are observing a girl, Sara. She is 11 years old, a pupil in the public school with tantrum behaviors. It means that she can yell or scream and sometimes even throw different subjects. Some weeks ago, she was furious and hit a classmate. Her Math teacher informed that such problems occur during a lesson. As a fact, school teachers and all staff usually try to implement Functional Behavioral Assessment to help their students with their behavioral disruption. They communicate with children; observe their behavior problems together, in order to effectively solve their problems.

So, Sara`s tantrums usually occur in the mornings, she has first Math lesson every day. The lesson has a definite structure, first they check homework, then they read some new materials from student`s book. Her classmates describe her as a friendly person, but sometimes she is looking strange. Mrs. Brown, her Math teacher, always tries to create a friendly pleasant and clean atmosphere in the classroom; even temperature in the class is perfect warm. According to Coopers and Heron (2007), students who usually have aggression symptoms towards teachers, classmates, parents, having academic difficulties, poor relationship with others are definitely struggle with Emotional Behavioral Disorders.

Therefore, this question is one of the most pressing in schools over the past thirty years. The problem exists because schools use to be socially adequate in any case, they are expected to behave because of the system`s rules. However, more and more schools are trying to integrate reforms of education system to the educational process which attempt to serve students proactively. School staff are responsible for creating an appropriate atmosphere at school in order to ensure children`s safe environment. Mrs. Brown clearly understood that fact and did her best to make all the in her lesson to prevent Sara`s aggression but the fact is she could not deal with this problem without help.

First of all, school teachers and all educational system should be ready to deal with all mental and behavioral disorders which can occur in the school territory because there is a tendency of increasing the number of school children with such problems. Instead, schools should identify the student or system-specific problem, and then develop systems and program options in a continuum format to meet the diverse behavioral needs of its population. Unfortunately, not every time, a teacher has the appropriate support to ensure success for all …

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