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Gardener as a Hobby

Every human being is characterized by few qualities, which are special only for humans. Some scientists said, that only humans can laugh from all other animals and God’s creatures, other said that only humans are totally intelligent creatures. Hobbies are one of the main characteristics of these intelligent creatures. Hobbies are activities that we are found of, or such tasks, that we are enjoying doing or make them our main pastimes. Some of us are totally interested with going in for sports, other are found of reading books, some are encouraged with stamp collecting, other are interested with photography. Famous Roman philosopher Cicero said that garden and library is everything, that person needs in his life. So this essay is about my favorite hobby – gardening.

I preferred precisely gardening because it allows me to nurture self-grown gifts to my folks, it develops my mental health, gives me good healthy physical activity and satisfies my aesthetics taste. Finally gardening connects me with mother-nature and is great stress buster in modern stressful life. Also this backyard gardening allows me to spend a weekend with my family in healthy natural atmosphere near the house developing our teamwork. To be quite honest about it, gardening is very salubrious and amusing kind of hobby, but also it is quite difficult and responsible. You should have a lot of spare time and have strong nerves, because gardening is not always successful, sometimes your plants will not germinate, or weather conditions will deteriorate. Only strong enthusiasms will lead to good results in gardening.

If you are a novice in gardening you should begin with a little plot to start your gardening hobby with. It is desirable that this plot should be fenced and covered with fertile land. You can start with growing flowers. They are quite easy to grow them and the first impression from this hobby will lead you to the new gardening levels. All flowers are very beautiful and fragrant, so they will turn your little plot to the brand new level – ornate and colorful garden. After few successful sprouting flowers you should ameliorate your garden with fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are more difficult to grow, but this fact shouldn’t stop you from this healthy hobby. Also you can try to grow fruits if climate conditions are conducive. Growing vegetables is very expedient and also it will take more time and attention than growing flowers. But the fruits of your activity will be more significant. Instead of just aesthetic pleasure you will be able to make fully healthy diet with using your own non- GMO fruits, also you will get huge benefits to your organism with these useful vitamins. Growing trees is the last level of gardening; you should be savant at gardening details. At this level you should know how to fertilize the ground correctly or how to protect your trees from different harmful insects. Besides successful tree growth depends on weather conditions. You should …

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