Gay Parents Argument Essay (Sexual identity) essay sample

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Gay Parents Argument Essay (Sexual identity)

Sexual identity is defined as the tag that individuals embrace to indicate to others their sexual being, especially regarding sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is described as the sexual attraction to people of a specific sex. Sexual identity is developed through self-definition that is created by individuals through relationships with other people. Hence, sexual identity is formed from exposure to various cultural expectations or adherence to a supreme cultural presumption. In today’s world, more and more gay parents desire to become parents. According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau released in 2011, 69% out of the 74.6 million children who are below the age of eighteen live with two parents who are either gay or heterosexual (Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, para 1).

The two parents are either adoptive or biological. Same-sex marriages should be permitted to allow people of the same gender to obtain equal rights as the heterosexual couples, especially the right to adopt children. Gay parents can raise children because the parenting capabilities are not gendered exclusive, and the children do not need a father and a mother for them to develop well. In addition, same-sex marriages should be accepted to reduce health disparities for children of gay parents. The issue of bi-sexuality has for a long time been excluded from the study of gender and sexuality. In most cases, individuals who express feelings to people of the same sex are invisible in the society. The bi-sexual individuals experience dual rejection by the gay and heterosexual communities (Halwani et al. 27). The stereotypes about sexuality that include labels and sexual identity are rooted in culture, social, political and historical context. Sexual identity labels signify distinct things at various stages of life to individuals, for instance, partner choice, desire, performance and political affiliation (Jones 97-118). The comprehension of bisexuality builds sexual identity, citizenship and social equality (Monro, para 1). As a matter of fact, the public attitudes have changed over time in a significant way. Polls conducted in America show that a majority of its citizens support same-sex marriage an indication of how people’s perceptions have changed over time.

A report published by Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection “same sex marriage” (para 1) indicates that same-sex marriage allows people of the same gender to get into legal marriages that offer them legal rights that are equal to those of heterosexual marriages. In fact, legalizing same-sex marriages will give the individuals in a relationship a sense of sexual identity that is a fundamental part of their whole being (Campion et al., para 2).

This is attained through the recognition of these individuals based on their intersex status, gender identity, and sexual orientation under the law.The legalization of gay marriages has enabled them to obtain the same support services in the health sector like other people in the society. From the perspective, there is a reduction of health disparities in children raised by gay parents. The acceptance of same-sex marriages enhances the well-being of these families; …

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