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Global Luxury


Luxury is the state of living where comfort and extravagance are in plenty. Living a luxury life is a state that one does not lack whatever they need. Luxury constitutes of cars, leisure yards, attending to sports, participating in big business deals, and owning mansions of buildings. Luxury can be defined according to people’s personalities The personalities defining luxury are; trendsetters, winners, and connoisseurs. Trendsetters comprise of the group that is tuned to the social media, and the aim is to gain popularity. The trendsetters can buy a service or product no matter what price because the major aim is to show that they belong to a certain social circle. Winners are tuned to making themselves and those close to them happy and the close members (Hoffmann, & In Coste-Manière, 2013). The luxuries for winners are not with fashion but triggered by priority. The purchases are for reward or appreciation. The other category of luxury personality is the connoisseur. Connoisseurs evaluate factors such as quality, artwork, history, and in some cases, they involve professionals to advise the brand to purchase.

Arabian Oud Company

Oud is a type of cut wood from a tree known as Agar. The tree is known for its power for meditation and peace enhancer. The tree is also used to produce perfumes that have the best fragrances in the world and finest oils. The perfumes and oils are not used only in Saudi Arabia but also shared in the West. Oud Company led by Abdul-Aziz Al-Jasser produces the best perfumes and oils in the world. The products have made Saudi Arabia to be the core of perfumes and oils that are leading in the market (Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. 1999). The products improve the region’s goodwill as well as the attraction of more investors to set up investments in the country. Due to the multiple businesses that are carried out in Saudi Arabia, most of the top millionaires in the world come from Saudi Arabia. The Arabian Oud Company benefits more from the good history and the high-class quality fragrances. From the review that was carried out, the company accounted for a 34% share of the market being the leading in fragrances. Because of the high demand of products from Oud Company, the company has shops in various cities in the world including Malaysia, Paris, London, and everywhere in the Middle East.

Royal perfume is one of the products from Oud Company that almost all Arab households use to welcome visitors in the house and also to perfume clothes. When bakhoor burns, smoke is produced that makes the air heavy and brings a good scent accompanied with a sweet aroma of myrrh and jasmine. Because of the luxury effect, few droplets of royal oud oil cost up to $ 10,000. Nothing special is added to the oil oud, but the luxury effect makes the rich to use the oil. The high cost of the oil makes the users get classified in a certain class of only …

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