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Greater New York Experience

My experience at the Greater NY Dental Meeting was exceptional. The presentation was not only well structured but also educational at best. The graphics and the content were in synch and could also resonate with the audience. As the sage goes; a picture is worth a thousand words, the images on the detriments of smoking were self-explanatory. Images alone could deter smoking beyond imaginations.

The delivery was not muddled up with irrelevant facts and images. This was particular key because too much content would have distracted the audience. The theme was well communicated by way of graphics. Also, the idea was spot on, comprehensible and replicable. The presenter, for instance, made a strong statement about the need for white teeth; this was then related to an image of brown teeth that results from smoking.

This perhaps was to reinforce the notion that while smoking may be appealing to the young adults, it also has consequences. The presenter’s ability to communicate persuasively was a clear manifestation of the significance of good preparation. One important lesson I learned from the presentation is that it takes skill and enough preparation to come across comprehensible for any particular audience and to take control of the presentation. The presenter also understood his audience from the word go.

He not only guided the audience through the content but employed various signposts to make the presentation lively and the audience awake. The presenter spoke to the entire audience. I felt like I was being spoken to. He asked rhetorical questions and pauses to capture the audience awareness. Ultimately, this enhanced not only the emotional connection but also created an engaging experience.


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