Gun violence poses an earnest threat to America’s youth and children essay sample

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Gun violence poses an earnest threat to America’s youth and children

The increasing number of shootings clearly indicates that the authorities need to improve strategies for keeping guns from the accessibility of youth and children (Lott, 2013). National statistics show that a large number of youths murdered are killed with firearms and over half of those committing suicide use guns (Squires, 2012). For this reason, it is crucial for authorities to divert considerable levels of technology and resources in controlling guns.

The increasing need to control guns among the youth and children motivated me to choose this topic. Relevant authorities need to use effective strategies in the efforts to limit the use of guns among children and youth. Some of the steps that could be taken to enhance gun control include:

I. Engaging communities on the issue and strengthening law enforcement:

It is beneficial for authorities to seek views from the communities where there are high levels of gun possessions by the youth and children. Law enforcement agencies should partner with leaders of these communities through community- based policing approaches. They should stress on close collaboration between citizens and police to prevent crime before it occurs (Lott, 2013).

II. Changing the design of guns:

The government should put regulations on gun manufactures to put safety features on guns in attempts to reduce unintentional shootings among the youth and children. Furthermore, manufacturers could use technologies that would personalize guns to prevent unauthorized users like children from operating the guns (Lott, 2013).

Limiting the flow of illegal guns to children and youth

Despite the fact that the federal law bans most minors from the possession of weapons, most children and youth still easily access guns. Authorities should tighten state and federal laws concerning guns to limit the accessibility of guns to children (Lott, 2013).


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