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Both Harry Potter series and Tom Brown's School Days are great example of English literature. If Tom Brown's School Days is already a great example of classic literature, but Harry Potter is only on its way to the classics.

These books are different, but they are common in one thing: schools are the main locations of these stories: Harry Potter studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Tom Brown studied at Rugby School, public independent school. Also both these schools are great examples of boarding school. The students are allowed to come home only during vacations. In Hogwarts all students are separated into four different Houses, which were opened under the aegis of Hogwarts founders.

All students are selected by their personal values: bravery, daring, chivalry, dedication, patience, loyalty, intelligence, knowledge, wit, ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Tom Brown’s school promotes physical development, Christian morality, fighting spirit, idealism and sociability.Boarding school is not sadistic, but every school depends on its headmaster.

In Harry Potter and Tom Brown both headmasters are great: Albus Dumbledore and Dr. Arnold care about their students. These schools are not sadistic.Good teacher should be able to manage all issues with students behind the scene and find right approach to every student.

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