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Detailed explanation on an aviation accident/incident that has been caused primarily due to any weather phenomena/hazard

Justification of the incidence

Detailed explanation on the consequences of the incident

Measures that ought to be taken to avoid such incidences in the future





Definitions and recommendations on inspection techniques that concern aviation accidents are found in the International Civil Aviation Convention, precisely Annex 13 of the convention. Annex 13 states that an Aviation accident is a fatal event that can occur when a person boards a flight until he or she leaves the aircraft (Tsokos, 2011). These fatal events occur when; an individual is seriously injured, an aircraft undergoes system failure, the aircraft goes missing, and all other events that are related to the working condition of aircraft that may affect the wellbeing of individuals during a flight operation are known as incidents. The Convention is accountable for compensation of aviation accident victims, under certain rules for International Carriage by Air. The rules state that the transporter is only responsible for the death or damages caused to a victim, if the passenger was harmed in the plane or if or she was harmed when taking or alighting from the flight. The transporter cannot be accountable for mistakes caused by the negligence of the passenger (Piszcz, Etel, Krasnicka Uniwersytet, 2014). However, the Annex 13 does not include that aviation accidents might be as a result of the natural occurrence. Natural events that happen during bad weather such as thunderstorms, icing of runways and aircrafts, and the wind shear can cause fatal aviation accidents that can lead to death. The state where an aviation accident has taken place has to provide forensic inspectors who have to conduct their investigations as to why an accident took place. This essay will, therefore, have a look at the bad weather conditions, indications, consequences and measures that have to be taken to avoid aviation accidents.

Detailed explanation on an aviation accident/incident that has been caused primarily due to any weather phenomena/hazard

Weather hazards are considered as one of the factors that have an adverse effect on the safety of an aircraft. Surveys indicate that twenty to thirty percent of aviation accidents are caused by weather hazards. Aviation is exposed to several weather hazards, however, because weather occurrence is not similar at different levels, hazards do not have similar effects on aircrafts if encountered En-route or with the terminal area. The weather occurrence might only be present in a local area or at high altitude (Cimini, Marzano & Visconti, 2010). This section will focus on how microburst is extremely dangerous to aircrafts, and how it happens to be one of the primary effects of aviation accidents. Microbursts are considered as downdrafts that move in the opposite direction of tornados, causing the wind to move powerfully downwards from storm clouds and normally take place in thunderstorms.

For instance in 1985, the primary cause that leads to Delta Airlines …

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