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Heartland Hospice is a branch of HCR manor family, one of the leading providers of outstanding health care service for people of all sorts of life right from family help to special help to the elderly. It provides a series of services to its clientele, for instance, special hospice care, post-acute care, palliative care, memory care and very professional skilled nursing care to its patients. Furthermore, as is the case with most mutual care providers, Heartland Hospice works closely with client’s personal health care professional as a way of ensuring that specific guidelines and protocols are followed during the provision of health care provision. Heartland Hospice delivers its services to 24 different states and is ranked as the third most provider of health services in the United States. The paper investigates different areas of management practice related to health care practice with a description of the various types of position as well as the responsibilities in the different cases with an emphasis on Heartland Hospice Michigan.

Areas of health care management in Heart Land hospice in Michigan

Facility or Department Management

These managers deal with several tasks in the medical office especially those that are in line with the departments that they are managing. Each and every department at Heart Land hospice in Michigan requires a departmental manager who is supposed to monitor all the activities within the department. Just like any other individual acting as an officer in any given business, these health care managers are supposed to be critical thinkers with an ability to communicate effectively within the departments that they are heading and the entire organization collectively (Thompson et. al, 2007). Furthermore, these administrators are supposed to be very familiar with the health care system. They are supposed to develop departmental work plans and also ensure that their departments adhere to such plans. They should be able to communicate with the other departments and fellow employees for the goodness of the organization. Other duties include; actively participating in developing graphs; developing a plausible procedure for handling patients; making orders for supplies; participation in marketing.

Patient Outcomes Supervising

The patient outcomes supervising personnel in health care management is responsible for ensuring that the clients or the patients that are received by the hospital get satisfied with the services that are rendered to them. It may involve designing simple questionnaires that can be issued to the patients containing questions regarding their overall satisfaction with the services they have received.

Employee Support

The Employee Support is meant to aid the human resource department in identifying, screening, testing and interviewing candidates to join the organization. That individual is also supposed to maintain the records of the employees within the organizations right from their contracts to the payment records (Buchbinder & Thompson, 2010). The Employee Support personnel also reviews all the employee claims regarding their unmet contractual fulfillments or bleaches, updates the job knowledge, orients new employees, arbitrates over their grievances and links the different employees within the organization with the top administrators.

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