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Discussion post 1

It is evident that healthcare finds itself at an age when information flow is evidently fast and available via the internet. This has fostered serious discussion among professionals on technology as well as business. Precisely, customer feedback is essential in building every business enterprise as it reflects the quality of care imparted by medical institutions. The content generated by clients is by itself a peer review of the products and services that often pave way for understanding a business’ unique needs. It is also evident that if the quality of services is satisfying, then profit is likely to be generated from the interaction. While the use of CMI in determining resources has subsided and replaced by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), social media remains influential because it has a free forum. While CMS remains influential, social media which is accessible through many portable devices can function better if it is well-incorporated into healthcare settings (Chretien & Kind, 2013).


Chretien, K.C. & Kind, T. (2013). Social media as a tool in medicine: Social media and clinical care. Circulation American Heart Association, 127, 1413-1421.

Discussion post 2

There is a need for hospitals to make profits in order to survive in the competitive arena of business. Collaboration of the entire staff from the top to the bottom will thus play a key role in ensuring that the services rendered to patients are satisfactory. At the same time, external partners such insurance providers require to be included in the service provision because this forms a seamless support of patients within and without the hospital. As much as it is vital to reduce expenses in hospitals especially at labor along with supply chains, emergencies may arise that require additional spending and thus affecting the overall profits and destabilize some services (Song & Reiter, 2010). Other than these emergencies, a hospital structure can function better especially if close-knit operations among the internal and external players are maintained from patients to the intervention teams who handle the management of various conditions.


Song, P. H., & Reiter, K. L. (2010). Trends in asset structure between not-for-profit and investor-owned hospitals. Medical Care Research and Review, 67(6), …

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