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Healthcare Information Technology

The debate on how to organize health care has been going on for several years, and they increasingly develop into a discussion of the problems of medicine in general. Today, the states announced health care reform. However, the causes of attention to the field of health and the objectives pursued by the reforms are different.Medical statistics and demography indicate similarity of problems faced by the health authorities in different countries. In addition, the desire to reduce the cost of healthcare while maintaining quality and increasing the volume brings together health care reform in all countries for all the differences of social systems and levers.Today it is impossible to provide high-quality health care services within the system, focused on inpatient care at the current number of doctors (from 2.5 to 3.5 per 1000 people).

The transition to an efficient universal medicine is possible only in the case where the medical services will be available to a wide range of people at the same time shift from clinical medicine to preventive methods and early diagnosis. In addition, the high quality is only possible under conditions of competition. Although the competitive environment does not guarantee high-quality services. Unfortunately, this is a necessary but not sufficient condition. It is clear that the reasonable quality is possible only as an exception in the conditions of monopoly. Today, the prefix "e", symbolizing the "e-health", has become present in all strategic plans to improve the health services provided to citizens of economically developed countries (Adenuga, Olugbenga, 2015).

Today, the European market of electronic services in healthcare is estimated at about 20 billion euros. The total annual volume of the pharmaceutical market in Europe is around 205 billion euros. 20 billion euros are spent on email pharmaceuticals. It includes e-services formula, computer analysis of the compatibility of medicines and testing of new drugs.One of the most common sources of error is the right choice of medication, side effects of drugs and incompatibility with each other. Here, IT can help a lot, allowing to significantly reduce the risk of receiving incorrect written out of the drug. For example, in Slovakia, a system that allows the doctor even when prescribing immediately compares their chemical composition is deployed in the children's oncology department of the hospital of Kosice. The low level alarm goes to the doctor immediately if the same chemical components present in different preparations (it reinforces their action), or these components are incompatible in their chemical composition, or can cause allergies in a patient.

According to expert estimates, the use of IT can reduce medical errors related to the incorrect assignment of medicines by an average of 70-75%. One of the most vulnerable places in the treatment process is the specialization in the absence of coordination with doctors of other profiles. Indeed, a cardiologist treats heart, urologist treats kidney, hepatology - liver and so on. It is difficult to reconstruct a complete picture of the state of health of the patient with such an approach without a consultation. …

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