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Nowadays healthcare organizations are playing significant roles in modern societies and displaying the level and quality of life and social welfare. Their importance was recognized by governments and political organizations. However, they also become a dominant issue in political and economic disputes. The global society needs the effective and efficiency health care services. So, in this context a lot of developing countries are reformatting their outdated medical systems, trying to reform whole healthcare complex. A broad range of healthcare policies and rules are changing using new medical knowledge and latest experience. In this paper, we will try to discuss the background of the importance of the healthcare organizations in Singaporean society, the complexity in nature and special character of health care services and their impact both in public or private sectors.Singapore is a developing country and its mean that all their sectors of life are changing in rapid speed. Also their achievements in healthcare during past few decades are really impressive. The overall life expectancy at birth is growing confidently, and nowadays it is approximately 80.5 years for males and 84.9 for females.

According to Singaporean government department of statistics (2015) for last 50 years the overall lifespan increased for 21 years for males and 22 years for females. These increasing in health and quality of life are a result of development of the healthcare organizations, improving of private and public medical practices. Developing of financial system and education, nutrition and sanitation played a minor role in such lifespan improvement. So for analyzing modern situation about modern success in Singaporean healthcare organization we should also look back in history and finally should make some future predictions. Also nowadays Singaporean healthcare system is ranked at top places at most ranks and their achievements and working methods in healthcare are an example for inheritance for other countries. Their widespread healthcare system operates without any problems, as a result of perfect teamwork between Singapore Government and Singapore Ministry of Health. However Singaporean healthcare system is quite unique due to specific culture and concepts of organizations. The Singaporean Healthcare organizations concept is based on local national culture, which is very strict and leads to perfect discipline. Singaporeans authoritarianism and hierarchical structure leads to strong political leadership which, in its turn, forced the development of whole social organizations. Singaporean organizations are characterized as controlled, disciplined, compliant and competitiveness. And they are led by several local principles, as individual responsibility and many helping hands. Their healthcare organization concept has received a lot of international attention due to its productivity and high efficiency. According to WHO (2000) Singaporean Healthcare system received an award from World Healthcare Organization, and ranked top-6 Healthcare level countries. It seems that global Healthcare dream is realized in Singapore, this country spends only 3.9 % of GPD for medicine but they are top ranked in the world. Their citizens have a universal access to this medical system, and can allow them a lot of high-quality …

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