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Healthy Food

The assigned reading has expanded my knowledge of factors causing nutritional disorders and their consequences; but most importantly, it has suggested valuable recommendations to plan a healthy diet for an elderly.

When discussing my findings with the elderly, I was told that eating healthy food was an important precondition to physical and emotional wellbeing.II)

1. The main difference between postacute and subacute services is in the intensity of rehabilitation (Gwinnett Medical Center, 2015). Subacute and postacute facilities are similar to hospital care in terms of health care services received. However, unlike hospital care, postacute and subacute care involves multidisciplinary rehabilitation, including occupational and speech therapy (Gwinnett Medical Center, 2015).

2. The abbreviation ADL stands for “activities of daily living” that include dressing, eating, ambulating, transferring/toileting, and hygiene (University of Nebraska Medical Center). Normally, these activities are performed independently; but if an elderly person needs assistance to cope with some of them, he/she relies on family or needs placement in long term care facilities (University of Nebraska Medical Center).

3. The late 1970s saw a transition from the institutionalized setting of nursing homes, surrounded by the rumors of mistreatment and neglect, to assisted living, a program aimed at promoting residents’ self-direction to emphasize choice, dignity, privacy, individuality, independence and homelike surroundings (History of Assisted Living, 2015). Assisted living facilities are run by entrepreneurs that meet state specific licensing requirements (Nelson, 2007; Saisan et al., 2015).

4. Subacute/postacute/AL facilities are promoted by a range of market forces. Evidently the most important force is a “demographic tsunami” (Nelson, 2007). It is expected that by the year 2050, the number of Americans aged 85 and over will reach 21 million, and this will significantly increase the demand for rehabilitation services. Another force is Affordable Care Act under which the number of insured Americans seeking expert medical help will increase.


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