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The mortality rate for orthopedic surgery in the hospital that I am associated with has been higher than what is currently in other hospitals. This has also been highlighted in the local community newspaper reports due to the state which is incomparable to other hospitals. This essay will discuss the processes I used to investigate the situation in the hospital. It will also show the improvements that have to be implanted and the continued improvement which will be vital for the reduction of the numbers.MethodologyThe processes used to investigate the situation were interviews, taking questionnaires and recordings of the patients’ death records. The methods, according to the information given by Phillips & Stawarski (2008), ascertain that they are credible sources of getting information for a research paper.

They were used to show the death rates and source explanations from those who were directly attending to the patients on what they thought was the cause of the patient’s deaths. Secondary sources like websites were also used to supplement the information gathered.Results and DiscussionThe research found out that there were several complications that arose after an orthopedic surgery including myocardial necrosis, infarction and bleeding events that risk the patient’s life (Oberweis et al., 2013). The complications required that the patients have an exclusive monitoring so that they could be noted early.

However, the research discovered that the hospital had underdeveloped monitoring machine systems that were inefficient in patient observation. RecommendationsThe improvements to be implemented include full monitoring to all the patients who are under the surgery to ensure that they are in a stable condition. It will ensure that they can check on the oxygen levels, heartbeat, and other body functions easily to ensure the safety of their patients. To ensure continued improvement of the death rates in the hospital, the staff should be trained on the effective use of the machines for effective monitoring of the patients.


The research used recommended methodology of obtaining information and the information got was used to draw a discussion and get recommendations for the hospital. The mortality rate of orthopedic surgery can thus be reduced through the installment of better monitoring systems and retraining of the medics. By abiding to the recommendations given in the research, there will be safer after surgery treatment in the hospital.


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