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Progressivism in the U.S

In this context, the author provides a good detailed job in the description of the beginning of progressivism in the U.S by giving us the various aspects that nurtured progressivism right from its origin to the main issues it was meant to address. However, he fails to outline the main reasons that gave birth to Progressivism during the eighteenth century.

For example, he would state that progressivism grew out of the vast changes that were associated with modernization such as industrialization which saw the emergence of large corporations, and improved infrastructures in the U.S with the construction of railroads. More so, fear of corruption in the U.S politics facilitated progressivism to strike a balance between social justice and good governance in the country. Moreover, the author would have provided a brief description of progressivism evolution into our modern world where nowadays progressivism embraces social and environmentalism justice.

The article is well written as it provides an excellent overview of the origins and integration of progressivism in the U.S.


Eisenstark, Reyna, Lora Friedenthal, and Jennifer L. Weber. Progressivism. New York: Chelsea House, 2010. …

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