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TREATY BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE FRENCH REPUBLIC (LOUISIANA PURCHASE, 1803)Student’s nameEducation Establishment - CourseDateIn 1682, the lands of Louisiana occupied a place between Mexico in the South, the Rocky Mountains in the West, the Appalachian Mountains in the East and the current Canada in the northern side. During the Age of Discoveries, France did not invest much into the development of the colonies in West India. In 1803, the territory of Louisiana was sold to America and doubled its lands because of the purchase. It became an important event, which had a crucial influence on the further American history. The essay is going to analyze the primary source, which is the Treaty concluded between the United States of America and the French Republic and its importance to the world. It is going to discuss historical preconditions of the purchase, its main arguments and political, economic and social changes it marks. The Treaty represented a brilliant act of purchase concluded on the governmental level. It had 10 articles, which defined liabilities of the parties. They regulated the approach to French vessels in the river ports, “the manufactures, Commerce, freight and navigation of France and of Spain” (Miller, 1931). The 6th article of the Treaty should have regulated the policy towards Indians (Miller, 1931). Even, if it is better to say ‘against’ them. The language of the Treaty was simple and clear. It stood on well discussed postulates and conditions. On of the most important points discussed in the Treaty were the borders of Louisiana and the question of 12 year’s tolerance to Spanish and French merchandizers in the ports of the Mississippi River.Certain conditions in the colonial past of the New World led to the conclusion of the Treaty between the United States of America and the French Republic. In 1762, after the conflict between France and Spain, Louisiana became a colony of Spain with the center in New Orleans. The city was situated in a favorable geographical position and controlled the entire Mississippi River. The river became an important waterway in North America, which was controlled by Spain. It was a key trade point between Western and Eastern states. When in 1798, Spain stopped the operation of the agreement, the government of the United States began to look for the alternatives. On 30 November, 1803, the territories of Louisiana were transferred to France (Norton 2001). In three weeks, France concluded the agreement with the USA about the purchase of the lands. From the American side, the reasons for such prominent and fast actions were caused by apprehension, which Thomas Jefferson had. He was afraid of the high risks that the new government could impede the trade. The American delegation departed to Paris with the intension to buy the city of New Orleans and the Eastern part of Louisiana that lay along the river. However, France offered Americans to purchase the whole state. It occurred because of the weak positions of France on the continent, certain economic …
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