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Student’s NameProfessor’s NameEnglish19 Apr 2016RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN MASS MEDIA Racial discrimination is a complex social unfair treatment or bias against some person or group of persons due to their race and color of the skin. Unfortunately, racial discrimination is closely connected with the United States of America throughout its history. It is considered that in modern American society there is no racial discrimination, but some echoes of racism are still there. Modern day major sports leagues in the United States are full of multiracial and multicultural players, it is impossible to imagine NBA or MLB without Afro-Americans, but during the formation of these basketball and baseball leagues, there were major racial issues in the country. In mass media, racial topics are always popular and discussed. Some of these articles are about historical racial issues, some of them are about modern day problems, but the most interesting article about racial discrimination is recent New-York Times article named “69 Years Later, Philadelphia Apologizes to Jackie Robinson” and written by Mark Tracy that was published on April 14, 2016. Mark Tracy is a famous writer in NY times, who reports about sports events. The first part of the article is about the famous pitcher from the Little League World Series named Mo’ne Davis and her impact on this children's League. Further, the author discusses the role of Afro-American players in different baseballs leagues and the overall impact of the Afro-Americans to American development and history. Using the example of the first black player in Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Tracy shows us the racial discrimination in sports. Using the comments and memoirs from his friends and colleagues Mark Tracy shows the Jackie Robinson’s role for Afro-American community and athletes. Undoubtedly, the racial discrimination is a miserable social phenomenon that always presented in multicultural or multiracial societies.Work citedTracy, Marc. "69 Years Later, Philadelphia Apologizes To Jackie Robinson". Nytimes.com. N.p., 2016. Web. 18 Apr. …
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