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Homework-Maintaining Job Descriptions

The clerical work is one of the jobs that are highly demanding in terms of time, efforts and dedication. However, few research works are present concerning the demands of clerical jobs. The reason for choosing the clerical job is because being an intern at InAndOut inc, involves carrying out a job requirement for the employees, a majority of whom are clerks. Notably, the methods to gather information about job requirements at the clerical requirements may differ from one firm to another (Lahuis, 2005). However, at InAndOut Inc. it is possible to use methods such as interviewing the clerks about the challenges they face, using questionnaires for the employees and the Managers. The study will entail the observation of the clerks as they go on with their daily tasks to examine the job requirements.

The proposals for job requirement for clerks and other workers at InAndOut Inc. is a presentation of the information that I can gather from observation and interviewing of the general manager and the workers. Due to new job demands in the clerical department and other departments, there is a need to write a new job requirement for the clerks and other workers at the InAndOut Inc as Cappelli (2008) points out. Moreover, the handling of paper works at the company is becoming tedious and as such a new job requirement is paramount. For instance, the development of technology presents a challenge to the clerks who are used to handle paper works and therefore, it is important to form a description for the new job requirements at the company. Additionally, some workers may not understand their responsibilities as they obey the directions of their supervisors hence there is a need for having new job requirements.It is noteworthy that the process of getting job descriptions is complete through various methods of study. First, using observation, I will be in a position to identify the gaps that InAndOut Inc can fill by having a framework of the job description. Additionally, using interviews of the clerks and the general manager and preparing a questionnaire for them to fill is likely to give me more insights into the requirements for job description in the organization. It is such information that I will use to prepare a framework of job requirements. Following the advancement of technology, there is a need to evaluate the job requirements on a periodical basis.

Thus, InAndOut Inc can undertake a job-requirement evaluation after every two years depending on the level of technology. For instance, the company may prepare a job-requirement matrix depending on the skills that the clerks and other workers hold in information technology. The efficiency in performing tasks is also useful in designing job-description matrix where the company will be checking on the efficiency of the clerk and other workers after every two years to detect any deviation from the set objectives. Therefore, knowledge in information technology will be a requirement for clerks and other workers at InAndOut Inc.


Cappelli, P. (2008). Are Skill Requirements …

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