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Houzit Marketing Plan

Executive summary

Houzit is a chain of the stores of homeware in Brisbane. The stores sell bathroom fitting, bedroom fitting, mirrors, and decorative items. The company owns 15 stores in Brisbane area and has a head office in Milton. 15-20 employees work at each store. The stores are placed in the suburban neighborhood or urban retail district. The company has a well-developed customers’ loyalty program. The target customers are people of 20-40 years old. By the end of 2018 twenty new stores should be opened in Cairns, Newcastle, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Rockhampton. By the end of 2016 four stores should be opened in Rockhampton and the recyclable line of homeware goods should be introduced in Houzit stores.

SWOT Analysis


The company has strong customers’ loyalty program and flexible payment system that attracts new customers. The quality of the goods is high. There is a great choice of goods in the stores. Easy accessibility of stores gives an opportunity for customers to buy all necessary things without spending time and money for transport. Bright and functional design attracts customers. The skilled staff provides customers with service of high quality.


The company gets 40% of income from the long-term repayment program. It means that the revenue of funding is rather slow. It leads to limited financial resource which the company can spend for marketing or new projects development.


Australian population is growing so the company has an opportunity to develop the business, by entering the market of homeware all over Australia. The development of the internet allows developing the online business. The increase of loyalty customers results in growth of sales. The company can introduce the sale of recycling homeware goods. It will reduce costs for materials.


Competitors’ prices may be lower than Houzit’s one. It will lead to drop of sales. The consumers of homeware in other regions may be loyal to the rivals. The delays in repayment of the goods may result in bankruptcy. The new line of goods may not meet the customers’ needs. Economic crisis may affect the development of the company.Marketing objectives•to increase the sales from 15 to 20 million per year within three years.•to increase the loyalty customers’ list from 10,000 to 15,000.•to establish brand recognition in Brisbone: within 18 month time one of three people should recognize our brand during the random survey


The company has an opportunity to open new stores in the areas close to Brisbane (in the coast cities and towns of Queensland and New South Wales) and introduce the new line of products which could be recycled. The marketing mix strategy includes place, product, price, and promotion. Opening new stores in Rockhampton. Cairns, Newcastle, Sydney, Port Macquarie will give the company an opportunity to control the quality of the service and the goods and deliver the goods to the stores without delay.

The coast of Queensland and New South Wales are densely populated, so the company will have an opportunity to increase the number of customers and sales. The choice of recycling product line …

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