How can the study of popular culture enable us to understand and analyse the Cold War? essay sample

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Two decades after its end, the Cold War is still one of the most frequently discussed historical events. Although experts have not come to a consensus on the effect of the Cold War on the political and economic development of the parties involved, they certainly agree that it had an immerse impact on the mentality of people. The confirmation of this assertion is for example found in the words of Annie Jacobsen, an American journalist, noting: “The Cold War had become a battlefield marked by doublespeak. Disguise, distortion, and deception were accepted as reality.

Truth was promised in a serum” The illustration of this idea is also seen in Ihde suggesting that, “The Cold War as much a battle for the hearts and minds of the populations of the countries involved as it was a potential military conflict.”The propaganda struggle was evident across all population strata, but its influence was particularly evident among children. From an early age, they were exposed to artistic artifacts aimed to form their citizenship, for example the 1951 American bubble gum cards series Children’s Crusade against Communism, or comics that displayed military events of the period.Understanding what it means growing up during the Cold War conflict is very important. Venken & Roger attribute it to the fact that every state defines its policy towards its future citizens. Children thus offer an interesting lens to view knowledge of the past with an aim to shape the future.Analyzing childhood experiences during the Cold War era, this essay aims to prove that propaganda of political regimen through children’s entertainment series led to even wider gap between the opposing parties and the echoes of unfriendly attitude is still evident in the present days.

Popular Culture Helps to Understand the Cold War Era

To understand how the study of children’s popular culture enables analysis and understanding of the Cold War phenomenon, two important issues should be approached. Firstly, it is required to define the Cold War era and to explain why it became a new era of historical development for people across the globe. Secondly, it is necessary to illustrate the role of children and their experiences in the establishment and maintenance of the new societal order.The Cold War is an interesting phenomenon, because it shaped the foreign policy and domestic politics of virtually all nations around the globe. The political, economic, social, and cultural transformations facing them began with a confrontation between the USSR and the United States. Most experts agree that it started around the year 1947, and the main reasons for widening the political gap between the USSR and the USA were a difference of political ideologies aggravated by the coincidence of the territorial claims of the superpowers. The effects of the Cold War are as ambiguous as its causes and major events. On the one hand, the world faced with a number of military conflicts, including Korean War, Chinese Civil War, and the Bay of …

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