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How I Would Raise My Daughter

Recent developments have shown an interest in the parenting, especially when it concerns girls (Grant and Grant). The world is developing very fast, children are growing even faster. A lot of psychologists believe that girls are growing faster than boys. They are the early talkers, more often a student. So, how to raise a daughter, who can be happy in our complicated world – is the most important question for modern families.

If you want to grow a successful person, first of all, you should be successful. Parents should be as a great example for their child, show their interest to the daughters` hobbies, encourage her, be a good support in any situation, concentrate on her problems and communicate a lot, in order not to lose the touch with a daughter. It is also important to pay attention to the daughters` appearance. Also, parents should encourage girls for sports, if she wants to do gymnastics or even play football, and parents should give a chance for the daughter to try. It is a good idea to involve girls in sports from early age, in order to prevent different health problems or problem with weight.

A mother should teach her girl to take care of herself from 13 ages, this is the time when a girl wants to be beautiful and fashion. In addition, it is essential to speak about boys, how to communicate with them correctly, how to dress in a correct way. Parents should explain the importance of education and future career, show examples of successful people, and speak about what and why should be prohibited such activities as smoking, drinking alcohol, night parties. Mothers and fathers should speak with girls about pregnancy, they have to tell that this is very important for a girl and great, but not in early age, everything is good in its season and every man is the architect of his own fortunes.

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