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Every human being is a procrastinator of some events that occur daily. Some of us spend time doing useless things that add no value to our life, for example, browsing Facebook, articles, and blogs. Human beings do this to avoid work that we know we are supposed to be doing. It does not mean that being a procrastinator translates to one being unproductive. The truth is that those people who procrastinate are very structured. This can mean that even though they can put off of those activities that seem to be very important in their lives they end up doing those tasks that are less crucial in their life.

These tasks include: reading novels, watching a movie, traveling and browsing. To procrastinate does not mean that one is lazy, or one doesn’t have a specific task to complete in time. Therefore, to become an efficient procrastinator one has to perform some specific methods as explained below.First, one should not listen to what other people say about procrastination. Very many people have a negative attitude towards procrastination. They usually consider procrastination as unproductive or driven by a motive that one lacks work to do, or one is lazy (Lay, 21).

One should keep his or her main commitments to a low limit so that he or she does not get distracted. This prevents one from working like a robot. However, if one does not have an urge to work on a certain specific job procrastination will not help one to avoid the job. It is recommended that one should find a lot of things to do rather than opting to procrastinate. Avoiding work is a sign that one will become less efficient at work, and therefore, one should not opt for procrastination.Secondly, one should know the reasons why he or she wants to procrastinate. It happens because one has an urge to do something else which is less tedious. Evaluating the reasons why one needs to procrastinate is the best way to know the importance of procrastination (Lay, 27). Listening to the inner feelings help one to know what his or her desire is. The consciousness of a person can suggest that the type of task he or she is doing is boring and cumbersome. Also, it can suggest that what one is doing is not his or her interest. An individual should think about the value of accomplishing probable deadlines. These are the main fuel of procrastination.

When a deadline is missed, it is couched in term of personal blame. Meeting deadlines within a given duration of time brings about the best results for each person, and it is regarded self-responsibility to accomplish the job. Meeting deadlines on time motivates someone to procrastinate. Procrastinating can help someone to slow down when a certain task is viewed as huge or stressing (Lay, 31). It is a good pathway to allow for more thinking, and one performs those tasks that help to refresh his or her mind. Avoiding …

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