How to Measure and Limit Noise Pollution: The Research of Measuring Software essay sample

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How to Measure and Limit Noise Pollution: The Research of Measuring Software

The issue of noise pollution, as recognized by World Health Organization, is substantially harming the human health and well-being, especially in the urban areas. The reports assessing it stress that the most harming effect is annoyance (ECRC, 2011), which subsequently leads to anxiety and other neurological, mental and cardiovascular diseases (den Boer & Schroten, 2007; Gan et al., 2013).

The noise pollution interferes sleep and modifies social behaviour, and is very dangerous for children development, as it impairs reading comprehension and long-term memory (Stansfeld & Matheson, 2003).To present visually the outcomes of the research, noise maps are utilized which demonstrate what areas are dangerous or relatively safe (Fiedler & Zannin, 2015).

It is strongly required to conduct such studies before engaging in design to avoid the above mentioned health problems. The instruments of measuring include sound level meters, frequency analyzers, acoustical calibrators, recording devices and other tools varying in the accuracy, sophistication and price. In addition to them, the methods of noise measuring and predicting utilize numerous software packages, such as SoundPLAN (Hadzi-Nikolova et al., 2013), FHWA Traffic Noise Model (Seong et al., 2011), CadnaA Software (Barber et al, 2011), Stamina (Avci & Durduran, 2013) or Stamson (Carr et al., 2011).

All these application have their strong and weak points, however as for now the scholarly society lacks a comprehensive comparative study, which would analyze all the most spread software utilities and provide recommendations on how do they suit certain situations, what are their pros and cons, and how could they be improved.In my PhD thesis I will conduct an analysis of the software packages that deal with outdoor noise pollution in order to identify the strong and weak points of these applications, provide suggestions for removing their drawbacks and decreasing limitations, and determine how this industry should develop to achieve tangible results. It is a critical and comparison paper presenting valuable results for the further use.In the theoretical part of my study, I will reflect on the features of noise measurement, its analysis and methods of reduction. In the methodological part, I will describe the method utilized, which comprises the case studies of several software packages.In the subsequent analytical chapter, both primary and secondary sources will be studied to ensure a rigorous research.

Firstly, an empirical observation and field measurements of the noise pollution in highways will be conducted, and the outcome will be compared with the figures calculated by the software. In doing so, the technical characteristics and road standards will be taken into consideration. Secondly, the empirical results will be complemented with a literature review characterizing the software utilized.

Finally, in the concluding part of my thesis I will summarize the findings, elaborate recommendations on the improvement of existing situation, and discuss the generalizability and transferability of my studies.The practical importance of the present paper relies to two domains: it could be utilized by the designing companies and by the companies which …

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