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How to organize research and take responsibility

The education and research writing are necessary components of the individual development in terms of learning and career. In this essay I will reflect on the important outcomes which I have obtained in the process of the course: planning, goal setting, organizing critical thinking and some other relevant lessons, and explain how I will apply it in order to take responsibility of my educational and professional success.Before commencing the writing process, it is very important to set a proper goal that could lead to success. Identification of the research aim and related questions has to be conducted in coherent way, as the wrongly selected topic misguides the whole research process.

The domain of study has to be not too broad and not too narrow, and be very specific. Also, it is very important that substantial materials on the topic are accessible. In launching the research, we have to keep a goal of study as a guiding interest and not to distract from it, as it diminishes the integrity and coherency of the written paper.

The writing process is substantial asset in the education and career, and considering that it was very important to comprehend how to write a proper essay. Writing is a critical skill in research work, as it allows to express yourself and present the relevant material which is required from you. I have learned that efficient writing assumes identifying the proper audience in order to make the essay suit its purpose. It is also very important to conduct a proper analysis of the sources used, to identify their credibility and reliability (source 2). The important concept studied was plagiarism, as it violates an integrity of the research and significantly undermines the credibility of researcher, and consequently of his University or employing organization (source 3). The resort to plagiarism is a prominent problem in terms of ethics and practical work, as it undermines the importance of science and research.

There are cases of intended plagiarism, which occurs due to laziness, time management issues or just stealing ideas to get a better mark (Wilkinson, 2009), and unintended plagiarism, when student fail to properly quote the source or misunderstand what has to be quoted (Ting et al., 2014, p.75). The studies show that one of the factors of plagiarism outburst is the spread of information and communication technologies (Howard & Davies, 2009), which means that we have to be especially careful when working with the sources in the web. Avoiding plagiarism is vital to prevent the waste of efforts, and to retain credible reputation in the academic and practical circles.Speaking about the plagiarism, and other possible ethical problems with research, the resort to ethical lens inventory is one of the helpful means of decision making process in selecting sources and conducting study. It allows to choose the most relevant information, and apply it coherently and effectively in your studies.Another valuable ability for researcher is critical thinking. In working over the …

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