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The US First Landing on Moon

The first landing on the moon by the American people was the greatest achievement for them technologically and on their foreign policies. It indeed defined the American global technological dominance. This paper seeks to explain how the first landing on the moon by the U.S was an achievement in their foreign policy and technology.

Technologically, it led to numerous educational and technological advancements in science and technology and amongst their youth and people. It led to the establishment of science and engineering base that would primarily focus on these on space explorations technological advancements. Many young scholars benefited. Also, before moon landing by the United States of America, they were seen to be lagging behind the Russians technologically, and when they did actually manage to send their men to the moon, it proved that indeed they were also capable. It acted as their national pride.Landing on the moon improved the American –soviets relationship since during that time cold war was being fought. It made them realize that instead of fighting a non-military war they could actually engage in space explorations together rather than seeing themselves as enemies and competitors. It made the American relationship with other countries prosper in that it made scientists from various countries want to be involved in their space explorations for they had a well-established organization NASA. Moreover, it worth to note that there have been recent explorations by the Chinese government with whom they have collaborated well with the American government and has really improved their relationship.

Conclusively, technologically, the United States has advanced tremendously after their moon landing. Furthermore, the American government policies have improved as they have been able to work with various governments and countries in space exploration-related activities. Truly, there has been immense growth and development in space exploration activities after the moon landing project by the Americans. They have been able to launch satellites into space and set up good schools for science and technology courses.


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