Human Resource Management Vs Personnel Management in Zintas Electronics essay sample

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Human Resource Management Vs Personnel Management in Zintas Electronics

Question 1:

(a). Explain what is meant by the terms Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

First of all, it is essential to refer to the fact that the Human Resource (HR) management is represented in the scientific literature as the innovative version of the personnel management. That is why there is no considerable and watertight difference between these two notions, but still, there is some dissimilarity in the set of the following matters. The core difference between the HR and the personnel management is that the personnel management is referred as a traditional or even more classical approach towards managing people, while the HR represents the modern approach (with the set of integrated innovative tools) towards managing people in the enterprise (Reddy 2004); (Bach 2009); (Venkataratnam 2004); (Naff and Riccucci 2007) . The core differences between these two notions may be traced from the following trends: Administrative record-keeping function is the major trait, attributed to the personnel management.

It is mainly dedicated to the establishments and maintenance of the equitable employment terms and conditions (as it was already done in the Zintas Electronics);The core areas, covered by the human resource management, imply the integration of the traditional functions of the personnel management with the corporate strategies and goals; additional emphasis is put on performing of the additional developmental activities, centered on the people. It is essential to refer to the significant difference between these two notions in terms of approach, scope and the practical application of the practices, implied by the personnel management and human resource management. While analyzing these differences from the perspective of the scope of services, scholars claim that the scopes of the human resource management are broader than the scopes of the personnel management.

The practice of the personnel management covers the set of the functional activities – for instance, the manpower planning, job analysis, recruitment, payroll administration, evaluation of the jobs, conducting the performance appraisals and training administration sessions, assessing the labor law compliance and the related tasks – these activities have been performed in the Zintas Electronics in the timeframe of the 20th century, but have failed in the realities of the 21st globalized economy. The entire set of the above-listed activities is covered by the human resources management alongside with the organizational developmental activities – for instance, the motivation, leadership, communication of shared values, organizational culture development and enhancement etc. In addition, there is a deep interrelation between the human resource management and the core vision and strategy of the business entity, enterprise or the organization of any other form. The major purpose of HRM, in this case, is optimization of the effective use of available human resources for further fulfillment of the core goals and strategies of the organization.

The set of the above-listed factors, pertaining to the philosophical and strategic of HRM makes it more relevant, purposeful and as a result, the more effective approach in comparison to …

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