Human Rights and the Exploitation of Labour. Outline essay sample

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Human Rights and the Exploitation of Labour. Outline



Definition of human rights and the exploitation of labour

Human rights is a widespread concept that encompasses a lot of aspects starting with the right of speech and ending with the right to good working conditions. Thus, exploitation of labor is not only an economic question but also an ethical one. Even though, from the point of view of ethics it is clearly a degrading activity, from economic perspective it has its downsides as well as benefits. Outline of journal articles on the topic This chapter will look at the articles on the labor exploitation as well as the ethical and economic aspects of it. Furthermore, it will analyze the points of view presented by different researchers on the labour exploitation in different countries.


All in all, labour exploitation is unethical and it is only possible to struggle with it using the forces of big corporations willing to give up a share of profit in return for the good working conditions of the …

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