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Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is one of the most complex problems of security in the modern world. The problem is urgent, because there is still no adequate understanding of this issue, and as a result, it does not receive enough attention both in the ongoing policy and in practice. Human trafficking involves violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, undermines the rule of law, endangers economic stability, thrives on corruption and poses a real danger to the life and welfare of citizens. Thus, at the focus of this work is to investigate the problem of human trafficking and define the role of government and society in dealing with this problem.

Human Trafficking

One of the biggest problems in this world is human trafficking. It may be even said that it is a form of modern slavery. This kind of trade after arms and drug trafficking is the most lucrative illicit business in the world.Some international data show that up to 27 million men, women and children live in slave-like conditions, subjected to forced labor and prostitution worldwide. This inhumane business brings ringleaders billions of dollars of the smuggling profits (Feingold, 2005). The most tragic in the human trafficking is that in most cases people do commit this evil voluntarily without realizing its consequences. In fact, many people who become victims of trafficking believed into false promises of traffickers and agreed to go abroad without having credible information and appropriate salary. People from all layers of society, including women, children and even men, become the victims of human trafficking.

Children usually become beggars and thieves; women work in prostitution and provide services as servants, while men usually perform heavy physical work in the industrial centers (Joshi, 2002, p.31).Western and European countries are the major points of destination of the kidnapped people. So it may be said that in European countries trade networks have penetrated into the socio-economic system and transformed into a dangerous mafia associated with some officials. Despite the activities of numerous non-governmental organizations, the judiciary, immigration and other government agencies, regional and international levels, there is still no reliable data on the human trafficking. Among the main reasons for this phenomenon are called political motivation, economic and social crises, civil wars, tribal and religious clashes and even the attractiveness of Western life for people who are willing to leave their homeland. But a significant number of them are faced with unpaid wage labor, prostitution, become members of drug trafficking gangs or even executing terrorist attacks, suicide and members of criminal gangs.

Today, the term "child soldier" is also used to refer to children who are victims of trafficking of people in Africa. The exact number of victims of trafficking cannot be set for several reasons, including the clandestine nature of this activity. International reports prepared in this field previously have been focused on the lack of precise statistics on trends in the growth and spread of human trafficking. However, according to the UN report, despite the efforts of the international community in …

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